The Galilean Moons



Robert Dick - flutes

Ursel Schlicht - piano


Rec & mixed at Roulette, NYC, 2009-2013, by Matt Mehlen

Photos by Ele Nielsen, Fotolia, Fred George, Karsten Socher

Graphic design by Christiane Rasch

Notes by Allan Kozinn

Produced by Robert Dick & Ursel Schlicht

NEMU Records, Köln, Germany, 2016



01. Tendrils (U.Schlicht) – flute with Glissando Headjoint®, piano ....... 8:29

02. Sic Bisquitus Disintegrat (R.Dick) – bass flute in F, piano ....... 8:18

03. A Lingering Scent of Eden (U.Schlicht) – flute, piano ....... 6:00


The Galilean Moons (R.Dick & U.Schlicht)

04. Io – bass flute in F, piano ....... 3:16

05. Europa – piccolo, piano ....... 4:46

06. Callistoopen-hole alto flute, piano ....... 4:12

07. Ganymede – bass flute, piano ....... 7:05


08. Dark Matter (R.Dick) – contrabass flute, piano ....... 6:45


Life Concert (R.Dick)

09. Iridescense – flute, piano ....... 3:55

10. The Multani, Baby – flute, piano ....... 6:01



excerpts / hörbeispiele

A Lingering Scent of Eden:



'The Galilean Moons' is full of unusual musical ideas, artfully realized. 

Howard Mandel, Downbeat,  8/1/2016


From the very beginning of the disc, without notice, the listener is thrown into the deep depths of improvisation caused by the incredible imagination and creative abilities of both instrumentalists.

The avant-garde actions of the American-German duo boldly expand the spectrum of jazz improvisation on the unusual atonal solutions and innovative experiments in the field of compositional texture.

Robert Ratajczak - Longplay Blog, May 2016


'The Galilean Moons' will reward you with new and continuous sound twists

never perceived listening earlier. That is, a must!

Sergio Eletto -,  August 2016


Challenging, exciting, interesting conversations,

truly creative musicians, expanding the horizons of our understanding of music.

Leonid Auskern – JazzQuad, June 2016


The duo displays an intuitiveness that allows them to reach beyond mere free form conversations to achieve convincing collaborative statements.

'The Galilean Moons' is a four-movement suite that finds inspiration from the four moons of Jupiter – lo, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede. The musical contrasts of each movement create stunning imagery intended to mirror the physical contrasts of the four moons.  Highlights include 'Europa',

full of metallic harshness, and the floating enchantment heard on 'A Lingering Scent of Eden'.

John Vincent - Naked Music Blog, April 2016


So, the question is: why I decided to write about 'The Galilean Moons' after a week spent, on and off, with it? Perhaps the answer lies in a word: passion. Dick and Schlicht are two veterans who still like to play with the kind of fervency that almost forces a listener, even the casual one, to really take notice of the acoustic events. There’s no danger of remaining indifferent!

Massimo Ricci - Touching Extremes, September 2016


…lively chamber music, with sometimes echoes of world music. The four-part suite on 'The Galilean Moons' I liked most.

Here Dick and Schlicht make the most extensive use of extended techniques in order to create intriguing and fascinating structures and textures.

DM - Vital Weekly


The four-movement suite co-composed by Dick and pianist Ursel Schlicht evokes, at times viscerally, the distinct physical environments found on each of Jupiter’s four moons. The five other works on this album assay a tremendously wide sonic and emotional vocabulary.

Andrew Timar - theWholeNOTE, September 2016