CDs as leader/co-leader


Ursel Schlicht & Denman Maroney: Immanence

Ursel Schlicht - piano

Denman Maroney - piano


Performed by Denman Maroney & Ursel Schlicht on Denman's 1918 Steinway O Piano, on April 14th, 2023 at Lutheran Church, Durfort, Occitanie, France.

Recorded and mastered by Denman Maroney

Produced by Denman Maroney & Ursel Schlicht

Thanks to Erin Martin, Marianne Prat, Leonie Schlicht and Hans Tammen



Breathing Meditation


Ursel Schlicht - piano

Catherine Sikora - tenor saxophone

Andrew Drury - percussion


Frank Momberg M.S.M. - Engineering, mixing and mastering

Catherine Sikora, photo

Camilo Vega, artwork



Robert Dick / Ursel Schlicht: THE GALILEAN MOONS

Robert Dick - flutes

Ursel Schlicht - piano


The four-movement suite co-composed by Robert Dick and pianist Ursel Schlicht evokes,

at times viscerally, the distinct physical environments found on each of Jupiter’s four moons.

The five other works on this album assay a tremendously wide sonic and emotional vocabulary. 

(Andrew Timar - theWholeNOTE, Sept. 2016)    


A Lingering Scent of Eden (excerpt):

Io (excerpt):


Robert Dick / Ursel Schlicht: PHOTOSPHERE

Robert Dick - flutes

Ursel Schlicht - piano


"Photosphere, five pieces recorded live in 2004 at Kulturhaus Dock 4 in Kassel, Germany, finds Schlicht with another strong musician in flutist Robert Dick. A master of circular breathing, vocalizing and overtones, Dick’s extension of the flute has been compared to Paganini and Hendrix. Throughout the CD flute and piano chase, question and challenge each other, creating unusual tones and sonic worlds." (F.Wetzel, All About Jazz)        


Fragments (excerpt):

Lapis Blues (excerpt):

Faust (excerpt):


Ursel Schlicht / Bruce Arnold: STRING THEORY

Ursel Schlicht - piano & prepared piano

Bruce Arnold - guitar & supercollider

“She has issued a wonderfully listenable, yet daringly exploratory disc with guitarist Bruce Arnold. (...) The session sounds like an effort to seek every corner of modern musical expression without ever resorting to comfortable pop forms. (...) Highly enjoyable music that invites repeated plays.” (T.Cumbie, allaboutjazz)        >>> more info

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 Ursel Schlicht / Reuben Radding: EINSTEIN'S DREAMS

Ursel Schlicht - piano

Reuben Radding - bass

“These musicians glide through the space they create, and the sounds they make resonate high in its architecture, like birds swooping through a mossy arch.” (S.Dollar, NYC)    

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Time passes more slowly for people in motion (excerpts):

Textures of Time (excerpts):


Ursel Schlicht / Steve Swell Quartet: POETS OF THE NOW

Ursel Schlicht - piano

Steve Swell - trombone

Tom Abbs - bass, tuba

Geoff Mann - drums, cornet

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 Ursel Schlicht / Implicate Order: SOUND QUEST

Ursel Schlicht - piano

Steve Swell - trombone

Martin Speicher - alto sax (special guest)

Ken Filiano - bass

Lou Grassi - drums

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Ursel Schlicht / Tony Romano Quintet: DEADLINES + COMMITMENTS

Ursel Schlicht - piano

Tony Romano - guitar

Terry Newman - bass

Ronnie Williams - drums

Virginia Mayhew - soprano + tenor sax (special guest)

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Statements Quintet: THE CAT'S PYJAMAS

Christoph Irmer - violin

Ursel Schlicht - prepared piano

Hans Tammen - endangered guitar

Dominic Duval - bass

Jay Rosen - percussion

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 Hans Tammen / Ursel Schlicht: STATEMENTS

Ursel Schlicht - piano & prepared piano

Hans Tammen - guitar & prepared guitar


 Rec at University of Kassel, Germany, March 1995.

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CDs as sidemusician


SLM Ensemble: SOURCE

Jen Shyu - voice, Robert Dick - flutes, Jane Ira Bloom - soprano saxophone, Marty Ehrlich - saxophone,

Julie Ferrara - oboe, Sara Schoenbeck - bassoon, Dave Taylor - bass trombone, Ursel Schlicht - piano,

Mark Dresser - bass, Gerry Hemingway - drumset/percussion, Jane Ira Bloom - soprano saxophone,

Oliver Lake - alto saxophone, Ned Rothenberg - bass clarinet/shakuhachi, Amir ElSaffar - trumpet/voice/santoor, Ray Anderson - trombone, Min Xiao-Fen - pipa, Miya Masaoka - koto    

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Laura Andel Orchestra: DOBLE MANO

Matt Bauder- clarinets, Taylor Ho Bynum- ccornet, Ken Filiano - double bass, Stephanie Griffin - viola,

Carl Maguire - fender rhodes, Ursel Schlicht - piano, David Simons - gamelan instruments, Raul Jaurena - bandoneon, Danny Tunick - vibraphone & gamelan instruments, Laura Andel - composition/conducting


>>> more info

Laura Andel's site > excerpt of 'Doble Mano 6'



Mari Kimura - vio, Mark Feldman- vio, Stephanie Griffin- vla, Tomas Ulrich - cel,

Briggan Krauss - as/bari, Marty Ehrlich - bcl/as/fl, Robert Dick - fl/cbfl, Detlef Landeck - tb,

Dafna Naphtali - voice/live sound processing, Ursel Schlicht - p/kb, Denman Maroney - p/kb,

Stomu Takeishi - b, Satoshi Takeishi - perc, Hans Tammen - concept, realtime arr.      


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Laura Andel Orchestra: IN::TENSION:.

Taylor Ho Bynum - cornet, Kyoko Kitamura - voice/electronics, Carl Maguire - fender rhodes/accordion,

Ursel Schlicht - piano, Kenta Nagai - electric fretless guitar, Joel Harrison - electric guitar, Khabu Young - electric baritone guitar, David Simons - theremin/percussion, Andrew Drury - percussion, Harvey Wirht - drums, Laura Andel - composition/conducting.   

>>> more info

Laura Andel's site > excerpt of 'Puntos'


Laura Andel Orchestra: SOMNAMBULIST

Pamelia Kurstin- theremin, Sam Furnace - saxophones, Oscar Noriega - clarinets, Taylor Ho Bynum - cornet, Ursel Schlicht - piano, Reuben Radding - double bass, Tatsuya Nakatani - gongs/drums, Danny Tunick - vibraphone, Kyoko Kitamura - Voice, Julie Kalu - Bass Trombone, Kenta Nagai - Fretless Guitar, Carl Maguire - accordion, Jamie Baum - flute, Stephanie Griffin - viola, Laura Andel - composition/conducting

>>> more info

Laura Andel's site > excerpt of 'Noise Machine'


Sean Bergin: Mob Mobiel

Sean Bergin-ts, Jan Willem van der Ham-as/bassoon, Eric Boeren-cornet, Franky Douglas-g, Han Bennink-dr, Ernst Glerum-b, Mary Oliver-violin, Curtis Clark-p, Joost Buis -tb, Ab Baars -cl, Alex Maguire-p, Tobias Delius-ts/cl, Wolter Wierbos-tb, Jacko Schoonderwoerd-b, Victor de Boo-dr, Alan Purves-perc,

Tristan Honsinger-cello, Steve Swell-tb, Ursel Schlicht-p

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1er. Encuentro Internacionál de Improvisación Libre

Statements en México – Riesgo de Caminar en Riesgo

Recorded live at Ex Teresa del Arte, Mexico City, during a 10-day stay with Statements, the duo of Hans Tammen and Ursel Schlicht. Organized by German and Francisco Bringas, this recording brought us together with a great lineup of musicians from Mexico City. One concert brought us together with musicians who come from the Mexican "experimental" scene, the other concert with those from "free jazz".

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in process: Norman

1. Hal  (Ulli Götte) ....... 13:38

2. Music For Pieces Of Wood (Steve Reich) .......  8:19

3. Le Moine à la Mer (Ulli Götte) .......  8:32

4. Norman (Ulli Götte) .......  23:14

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Jazz oder Nie Bigband: VOICES

Feat. Barbara Thompson, Willem Breuker, Inga Rumpf.

Produced by Jazz oder Nie Bigband, Kassel, 1994

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in process: Sinfonia Graduell

Annette Sieben - flute, Maria Tilmann - oboe, Dorothea Grotehans - violin, Maria-Cristina Witte - violin, Beata Kamyk-Golla - viola, Oliver Heimbach - violoncello, Csongor Kölcze - violoncello, Jörg Müller-Fest - vibraphone, Tilman Scheer - xylophone, Olaf Pyras - xylophone, Peter Arens - xylophone, Michael Mantel - synthesizer, Sabine Schmitz - piano, Ursel Schlicht - piano, Ulli Götte - composer/conductor

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Minimal Orchestra: Minimal Music

Robert Klier - saxophone, Ursel Schlicht - flute, Annette Sieben - flute, Dorothea Grotehans - violin, Maria-Cristina Witte - violin, Bettina Lometsch - violoncello, Peter Gaida - double bass, Jörg Müller - vibraphone, Tilman Scheer - vibraphone, Peter Arens - xylophone, Rene Beigang - xylophone, Hermann Beuchert - xylophone, Michael Drüner - xylophone, Peit Beigang - synthesizer, Michael Mantel - piano, Sabine Schmitz - piano, Ulli Götte - composer/conductor/piano

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