SonicExchange began as a 100-day residency in the city of Kassel during

dOCUMENTA (13) from June 9 - September 16, 2012 and has continued since then as

SonicExchange Concert Series.  


Currently, inspired by the societal developments responding to over a million new refugees in Germany, one important focus is on music as a means of intercultural collaboration.  The 2017 concert series seeks to provide numerous points of contact between local and international guests from various cultural backgrounds with migrants in the city and region.  Audiences of all ages will attend and participate in concerts, workshops in schools and universities, and events with newly arrived refugees. 


 Current SonicExchange events >>> Calendar



impressions from previous years (selection):


Klingendes Café Matthäus, Kassel-Niederzwehren:

Musik grenzenlos in Niederzwehren: Download Flyer deutsch/english *** Download Flyer arabic

Jane Rigler: Deep Listening SoundWalk and concert

Inspired by Pauline Oliveros´  Deep Listening Concept,  Rigler led a Guided Soundwalk near Café Fürstenwald,

where she and Ursel Schlicht then shared sounds, giving a performance inspired by the shared sonic experience with all. 

"A liminal time of night, full of anticipation and resonance."  >>> Jane's Blog

Concert and workshop with Maninn Lidur at Grundschule Königstor, Kassel:

Gelungene Begegnung mit Kindern aus der Landesfeuerwehrschule an der Grundschule Königstor in Kassel

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“This summer, the modern is on offer not only in the visual arts;

the fact that avant-garde music draws a comparatively smaller audience does not diminish its importance. Exciting experiences are created by the SonicExchange project, in which the jazz pianist and improviser Ursel Schlicht draws an international gathering of musicians to Kassel during Documenta.” (Georg Pepl, HNA, 2012)


DVD Sonic Exchange on Mulatta Records

Every five years, the city of Kassel transforms into a vibrant center for avant-art, during the documenta exhibition.

SonicExchange was my fourth project inspired by this context. For 2012, I envisioned a continuous thread of sonic interchanges at Fenster zum Hof aka Fotomotel Wolf 53, a new hub for artistic interactions.

I worked daily in the on-site studio, composing and improvising on the piano, joined by guest artists and visitors.

Without a set agenda, this meant open improvisation, a realization of a specific artistic thought, and included trips to the exciting artistic events all throughout the city as a springboard for further inspiration.  SonicExchange differed from previous Ex Tempore projects as the focus was on the process of intellectual and artistic interchanges rather than on rehearsed and composed performance. Guests included musicians and artists from other fields, i.e. spoken word, visual arts, dance, new media.

As part of the Kassel Stadtprogramm, SonicExchange lasted during the 100 days of dOCUMENTA (13).